Today, the official video of my new single TAKE ME TO THE MOON feat. Valeria Stoica is out!
Making a video to illustrate a song is always complicated. In a way the song with its atmosphere and lyrics is enough by itself. The listener creates images by listening to the song and it’s much more powerful than any video.
However, when you work with the right people you can sublimate your song.
This is the case here with this video. I like working with Turkish director Hasan Kuyucu, we previously collaborated on the videos of MIND IF I STAY (shot in Cappadocia) and the short film DRAMA ACT 1 (shot in Istanbul).
For the video clip of TAKE ME TO THE MOON, Hasan came up with a very radical idea:
“Guillaume you are dead and Valeria Stoica is full of life next to you. We’re going to play on the contrast”.
I immediately felt the potential of this idea. With time you learn to recognize powerful proposals. Then we developed the idea.
I wanted to shoot this video in the country where I live, Switzerland.
This country enjoys landscapes of a great diversity. You go from a beautiful peaceful lake to the summit of a wild mountain in 60 minutes.
Switzerland loves Kadebostany and have proved it by allowing us to shoot in these exclusive locations.
I would especially like to thank Switzerland.
Tourism for their precious support.
I hope you will enjoy this video and that it will make you want to visit this country that is dear to me.
Your President
Guillaume de Kadebostany